On the panel for “Diversity and Inclusion”

Diversity and Inclusion panel members from the APILP masterclass on February 10th. Bill Jarrard, Lyndal Box, Amy Tilden, Ainslee Hooper, Sonali d'Silva, Adam LeGood, Gail Miller and Andrew Mountford.

What better way is there to explore “Diversity and Inclusion” than with a facilitated round table discussion and Q&A! As part of the Asia Pacific Institute of Learning and Performance (APILP) Masterclass series I was delighted to join other round table members: Sonali D’silva, Ainslee Hooper, Gail Miller, Amy Tilden, Adam LeGood and Andrew Mountford for the first Diversity and Inclusion event on February 10th.

With so many questions and issues, and a great thrashing out of what diversity and inclusion really mean I can’t wait for part two on Wednesday 24th February. And in the meantime I came across a fabulous quote by Arthur Chan:

Diversity is a fact.

Equity is a choice.

Inclusion is an action.

Belonging is an outcome.

If you would like to join in for Diversity and Inclusion Part 2 the event is free for both APILP members and non-members on Wednesday 24th February 3:30-5:00pm. Our goal for this next event is to explore how as L&D professionals and key “influencers” we can raise awareness and promote Diversity and Inclusion to those we work with.

Join us for Diversity and Inclusion – Part Two